Several Things for Writing Statistical Paper

1. Keep tex source file clean and tidy. Make everything easy to read and compare. No extra spacing or indention, and two blank lines for separating paragraph. Make line width under 80. While do not limit math expression to 80. Break math expression at right places.

2. Make notations, equations precise and concise, and explain clearly meaning of each notation. Do not use abbreviation if unnecessary. The notations should be consistent through the paper. Leave enough spaces so the formulas become more readable even in source and only number equation if it’s referenced.

3. When citing a paper, do not cite the reviewing paper, cite the original paper.

4. The caption of table and figure should be self contained. Make sure others can under- stand the figures or tables by reading the caption.

5. Tables should be formatted in logical order to make the tables easy to follow. Content in one column should be consistent. Do not change the font size in table. Reformat the table to fit the page.

6. In introduction section, when doing literature review, one should make connection to the paper. Do not just describe the previous work. And the introduction should be in logical order to make it easy to follow.

7. Always explain the unusual findings in the numerical studies section, and also consider addressing other questions that the readers may ask.

Yan Li
Assistant Professor

My research interests include environment statistics, compositional data and high-dimensional statistics.